Welcome to MAD Components

Technology division of Magneto Aero Dynamics


We deliver highest quality and most reliable and efficient propultion system components for industry, professionals as well as demanding high level users and enthusiasts.


MAD motors offer high range of thrust and low factors of power consumption. Two design versions, IPE and EEE, allow to use it in harsh conditions of high humidity or high ambient temperatures. IPE exceptional design of hollow shaft can be utilized in a many innovatory ways, for instance as a coaxial motors for counter rotating propellers.


Propellers are one of the most important components of propulsion system. Well designed airfoil can boost significantly thrust or find sweet spot of efficiency in desired thrust range. We recommend and offer only the best propellers for our motors.


To improve stability and responsivness of our propultion systems the software included in our ESCs is optimized for high number of stator poles 24N28P and 36N40P. Its 32-bit STM processor can handle signal frequency way above 600Hz. Active breaking and energy recuperation improve system stability and effectivness.

Energy Storage

New type of rechargeable battery is currently in our area of intrest. Part of our team is still working on the subject, because high energy density in lowest possible mass is what we really really need. Availability of first such product is not yet known.


We design, develop, manufacture and test propulsion system for multirotors, drones and UAVs.


Our skilled team is behind the success of the most efficient propulsion solutions available on the market today. We use sophisticated CAD / CAM software to design and manufacture motors and propellers.


We are making many computing simulation passes to achieve best theoretical solution to accomplish our goal and start sample production.


Manufacturing facility meets the highest quality standards of precision and flexibility of production. Quality is one of our priorities so quality control is strict.


Reliability, efficiency and quality of our products are very important for us. Before we bring the new product to the public, we extensively test production samples, sometimes improving project in cycles to achieve expected result.


Motors, propellers, electronic speed controllers and other parts


We design, develop, manufacture and test propulsion systems for industry, mid and high level professional applications